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Web Designing And Development

At Pixel Conception, we provide intensive web designing and web development services. Our objective is to make the entire web development process, right from selecting the appropriate tools for hosting, solutions for e-commerce, content management to marketing of the brand quite elementary and a child’s play for you to understand and execute. We are proficient in generating exclusive, premium web designs that help in reclaiming your brand.

The web design for your brand is created keeping into consideration the needs and perceptiveness of the web site’s target audience, their demography and making use of consolidating elements to augment the design throughout the website. We ensure the success of your business on the web through our expertise that integrates with the technology that we offer.

Web Design and Development

Mobile Application Development

As mobile devices command the online growth these days, it is mandatory that the web presence of your business be optimised for this platform as mobile websites serve an extensive opportunity to take your business to a succeeding level while targeting customers on mobile devices. As a business, you might loose out on customers in case your website is not optimised to be viewed on mobile devices. At Pixel, we not only design responsive websites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices but also design dedicated mobile sites that your customers can be automatically directed to while on-the-go. Apart from the mobile websites, the mobile apps give a breakthrough to your business as the apps give the customers access to the information needed by them, help in expanding sales for the business and thereby help in building recognition of your brand.

At Pixel, we have the expertise to create both native and adaptive apps that can provide your customers with the most optimal user experience. We are truly gratified on having the expertise in multiple mobile platforms to develop responsive mobile websites and apps for your business.

Mobile Websites And Apps

Digital Marketing

Propagating the Target Audience and building meaning relationships is of utmost importance for any business. Since your business prospects and clientele is online, it becomes all the more critical to understand the customer’s persona, interests, demographics and online behaviour. Pixel adopts an innovative approach to marketing by providing customized and original marketing solutions that will target your prospects and clients in an effective way. Through implementing marketing strategies like Search Engine Marketing that would include Remarketing, Pay-Per-Click and Conversion Rate Optimizaton, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and E-Mail Marketing, we ensure that your brand is visible to the target audience in the most organic and intriguing way.

Ranking the website as number one in the search results would be like making a false claim and building a proverbial castle in the air as it is very important to understand that Digital Marketing is a propaganda that would lead to certainty of increased traffic and is not an exact way of ranking you number one in search engines as they are quite dynamic in the way they sort and rank websites.

Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Optimization


The entire buying and selling experience has been transformed and has shifted focus from retail exchange to digital market. In order to entice and exert influence on the target audience, it has become imperative to replicate the retail experience on digital platform. In fact, surpassing the retail experience is the need of the hour and we help you accomplish the same as we specialise in designing and developing complete eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, building custom, scalable eCommerce sites which are according to the individual business needs and are easy to manage.

We build eCommerce sites with the intent of making the online shopping experience for the customers intuitive, make the transactions safe by integrating the online store with the esteemed gateway companies and giving a user-friendly interface. Not only this, for business owners and employees who run the store, it would become painless to maintain the sales as the Content Management system is customised to promote business structure and and is quite comprehensive in nature. So intuitive shopping, secure E-Commerce transaction and user-friendly platforms for the businesses would be ensured through our eCommerce solutions.


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