16 Best Hotel Websites in United Kingdom To Get Website Design Inspirations From

A hotel can differentiate itself from its competition either through an innovative architecture, delicacy of its food, a warm and welcoming staff or through the luxury and comforts it provides to its guest. To captivate the heart of the guest a hotel should have astonishing aesthetics. Similarly the website of the hotel should also communicate the same sense of aesthetics. Following is a list of 16 hotel website design inspirations that can communicate upfront a hotel’s brand value


1. The Roccoforte Hotels

roccoforte hotels

This site has a visual appeal which catches eyeballs as it gives the visitors a glimpse of this Victorian style hotel through an image slider on the left half of the screen while the second half provides the address and a book now button. This is an intelligent approach as after being impressed with hotel interiors through the images provided, the first thing which comes to the mind of a visitor is booking and in this site it is easily discoverable. Apart from the aesthetics of the site, the ease of finding information is also its USP. The information about the availability of rooms on a particular date is provided through a navigation bar at the bottom of image with popup menu items.


2. Tuddenham Mill

tuddenham mill

The highlight of this hotel’s website is its full screen image slider showcasing hotel’s elegant interiors, dining room and the exterior view of this aesthetically well endowed hotel .The intuitive design of the website enriches user experience of the visitors. The top navigation bar with drop down menu and matching colours goes with the elegant looks of the site. The site rates very high in terms of its visual appeal and it has minimal text content on the home page which is a good strategy to engage visitors.


3. The Killberry Inn

the killberry inn

The colour contrast of black background and red menu is lucrative. The images depicted in image slider give insights into hotel’s interiors, food menu and surrounding environment. This is a good way to invoke interest of the website visitor’s in visiting the hotel. The site has long vertical scroll with information on hotel’s opening hours and the reason to choose the hotel for stay. The home page also has map section on the right and a social media button in the vertical scroll below the image. This site has a perfect balance of imagery and information. It doesn’t compromise on information for imagery or vice versa.


4. The Bedford Hotel

the bedford hotel

The purple colour used in website with black background increases the visual appeal of the site many folds. A static full screen imagery depicting hotel’s classy architecture enhances the aesthetics of the site. The site has information preview links with image icons on the image at bottom. The navigation buttons with a drop down list is embedded on the top with black background. The booking button is highlighted at the top which makes it easily discoverable. This site is another good example of balance of information and imagery. The site looks sophisticated and trendy which will appeal to the visitors.


5. Wonderfully Wild

wonderfully wild

The site is designed to communicate the brand image of the hotel which is “Wonderfully wild”. It has refreshing looks with the use of lively colours. The landscape images used in the image slider catches the attention a visitor for a longer duration. The site communicates perfectly that the hotel would be a gateway from the hectic schedules of an urban life. The sketches used at the bottom of the image enrich the site with an artistic design. The navigation button used at the bottom in a particular shape adds to the charm of this beautiful site. The website design of this site gives an illusion of walking into an art gallery.


6. ChristChurch Harbour Hotel

Christchurch harbour hotel

Every pixel on the website of this hotel communicates that the hotel can take care of all your needs for luxury and comfort. The full scale image slider used in the website depicts some flabbergasting snapshots of hotel’s spa, restaurant and the outside view from hotel. Below the Image slider there is a bar with booking buttons to book the hotel based on the booking options available. More information about the hotel can be found in the vertical scroll. At the bottom of the scroll, there is a section for offers especially to depict the latest deals provided by the hotel. The website design and images used depicts the brand message of the hotel impressively.


7. Belmond

belmond hotel

The site uses beautiful slideshow depicting images of different genre. The site has 3 selection buttons which navigates to three different sections of the site. One of the button leads on to a page to book hotel rooms, other one leads to a page that leads to booking luxury trains and the last button is sign up for the website to get latest orders and deals. The site has very less information content on the home page which highlights the design of the site. A lean site with soothing looks to keep the design simple yet effective.


8. The Goring

the goring

The site has a black background with image slider which showcases elegant interior and exteriors of this evocative hotel with a glorious past. The website’s authentic design with fade away effect used for slide show adds to the visual appeal of this site. The navigation tab has drop down list with a black translucent background. The site is intelligently designed to keep all items on the home page in line to project the hotel’s brand image of being an architectural marvel from yesteryears.


9. Rosewood Hotel

rosewood hotel

The introduction slide show of the website has captivating black and white images which lead to a beautiful home page of the website. The tag line of the hotel “a sense of place” is impressively communicated through the overall aesthetics of the site. The main page of the site has a full screen image of clouds to give an idea that the hotel has ambience like a dream. A video link is embedded at the home page to engage visitors. The navigation scheme is simple yet effective with a navigation bar at the top.


10. Hotel La Place

hotel la place
The image slider used at the home page displays impressive interior and exteriors of this charming hotel. An information section about the hotel is well placed on the right side of the image slider which gives a pop up information on clicking the plus button. This pop up information section rolls out like a slider curtain; this is a unique and interesting feature in the site. The highlighter which follows the mouse movement located at the top navigation bar also looks interesting. The navigation bar buttons directly leads to the desired section without any popup menu.


11. The Halkin

The Halkin

The site has a click and drag information box at the home screen which contains the contact information of the hotel. The information box can be hidden with the help of minimize button. The navigation scheme is in a list format which leads to different sections of the website. The slide show images are impactful and give insight of the visually attractive interiors of the hotel. The site has less information content on the home screen which enhances its visual appeal.


12. Babington House

babington house hotel

The differentiating feature of this site is a long vertical scroll with site map at the bottom. The image slider at the top of the vertical scrolls depicts beautiful green landscapes surrounding the hotel that invokes interest. At the vertical scroll there are various sections to showcase various sections like booking, events, offers, membership etc. There is intelligent use of imagery in the site to increase the overall aesthetics of the site.


13. The Devonshire Arms

hotel devonshire arms

This site also has a longer vertical scroll but with information content rather than imagery. The site provides room availability section on the image slider itself. The slide show contains images of people over any landscape images to engage the site audience through personalization. The sites background gives the look of elegant wallpaper. The site responds to click swiftly and has a beautiful navigation bar with drop down items at the top. The golden colours used for logo communicates that it’s a premium hotel website


14. Calcot Manor

calcot manor

The site has a unique mix of green environment background with beautiful slideshow images to give a preview of hotel. The website communicates the message of style and luxury upfront. The site has a longer vertical scroll with different sections to depict the food, luxury and spa available for the guest. The site has an upcoming events section at the bottom with a brief preview of the information about the event with dates. The navigation bar at the top has impressive icon images in the drop down list.


15. Whatley Manor

the whately manor

The site has navigation tab located on the left hand side with list format buttons to lead to a specific location of the site. The right hand side of the page comprise of image slider with beautiful snapshots of the interiors and exterior of the hotel. The booking related buttons are provided at the top. The site is lean and has a simple navigation scheme. The unique value proposition of the site is its imagery.


16. The Grove

the grove hotel
The site has a translucent purple background with wide landscape image slideshow. The site has elegant looks and feels with premium quality images. The drop down list of the menu items placed in the navigation bar is also interesting. The site has well-designed graphics used for the drop down list. The site very well matches with the aesthetics of the hotel.

The above mentioned website design inspiration can ensure catching the attention of the visitors and will help in influencing their decision to make the booking. For a hotel the aesthetics is most important factor in wooing the hearts of the guests. Similarly for a hotel website it’s crucial that it has an innovative design and is functionality powerful.

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