4 Crucial Digital Marketing Insights For Harnessing Its Power For Business Growth

1. What Digital Marketing Really Means

In simple words digital marketing is the use of electronic media for promotion of a brand or marketing of the products or services by a business. Digital marketing is largely dependent on internet in its ability to perform beyond the limitations of traditional marketing. Digital marketing has an anytime and anywhere approach for delivering the right message to the right people. Digital marketing is a powerful tool as it also facilitates customer relationship management. The benefits of digital marketing comprises of reduced cost compared to the traditional marketing. The other major benefit is that it gives you the power to analyse the efficiency and reach of your marketing campaign. You can design your marketing campaign based on accurate analysis. All of this is done in real time which means you don’t have to wait for a week or two before starting the analysis of your marketing campaign; you can do the analysis from day one. Branding has become important for not only big businesses but also small business as the competition has become fierce. With a proper online branding strategy implemented through social networking routes, a business can take the quantum leap growth. Digital marketing is not just promotion but driving the customers to engage with your business and its offerings.

2. Drafting A Strategy For Digital Marketing

The best way to implement a digital marketing strategy is to first understand your requirement, what you wish to accomplish through your online marketing campaign.

Setting Up Your Goals

If you are a business owner who wishes to increase the discoverability and reach of your company by creating a website then you would have a different digital marketing approach than a business which is launching a new product or fending off competition. The purpose of your digital marketing campaign will help you analyse which online resources will serve your purpose well. Only if you have clearly defined goals for your digital marketing then only you would be able to draft a plan and make a choice between various mediums available for achieving those goals.

Marketing Plan Of Action

Now you exactly know what you wish to achieve with your digital marketing campaign, the next step would be to design a fail proof plan to implement your goal. If your plan is to increase your customer base then first you need to research your target audience to know which social networking tool would be better to reach out them and engage them. The second step would be that once you have reached out to your potential customers, what information you need to provide them in order to encourage their interest thereby engaging them. The quality of content you deliver about your product and services will give a preview of the quality of service or product the customer will get when they make the purchase. So you need to have a sound content strategy in place to engage your customers and also provide some useful information to them.

Call To Action

Digital marketing is an action based approach where through your marketing campaign you wish your customers to take certain desired action. The efficiency of your marketing campaign can only be measured through conversion. If you wish your customers to subscribe to your email newsletter, or they must request a demo of your product or you wish to schedule a call with them, each of these would be termed as a conversion. Each conversion is increases the success of your digital marketing plan. You must define your conversion very carefully after analysing the likes and preferences of your customers.

3. Choosing The Correct Tools For Marketing And Evaluating Performance

Following are some important tools which can channelize your digital marketing efforts in right direction.

Google Analytics

This is a very powerful tool in analyzing the success of your website. At a click of a button you can learn about the number of visitors on your site, their demographics, the content they found interesting and so forth. Learning from the statistics you can get inferences on what you are doing right and what needs to be changed.

Google Alerts

This is another powerful tool from Google which helps you know when your brand was mentioned online and when your competitor’s brand was mentioned. This would allow you to learn whether you have a better branding strategy in place or not with respect to your competition.


This is a very powerful internet marketing analysis tool for analysing your performance on Search Engines and Social Networks. It gives you insights on the search keywords which are driving traffic to your website and whether these keywords are ranking well or not. You can also compare different keywords to know which are more effective. The dashboard of this tool also gives you information on which searching engine is getting more traffic on your website.


If you wish to take leverage of multiple social media routes for effective marketing of your business like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc, Hootsuite comes to your rescue. This tool helps you to schedule posts for a specific time on these social networks. You can even get a preview on how the post will look. Hootsuite brings all your social networks in one application. You can see performance of all your socials networks and feeds from everywhere in one application. You can create different streams of all the feeds and monitor performance of your posts as well. When you have so many social networks to manage Hootsuite is a must need.

4. Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing is evolving continuously with technological advances hitting the market every six months. The social networks are also finding it difficult to attract customers in a market where there is fierce competition. The mobile commerce has gained traction in last two years and will continue to prosper in near future. The digital marketing strategies are now focused on mobile and tablet users. Another area where companies are investing is content. The content delivered online is very important in influencing customers to take desired actions. A company with a good product which is backed by a poor content can end up a disaster. The content marketing has gained emphasis as more and more users refer to the content before making any purchase decision. Big data is another powerful tool which gives companies insights on user preferences and likes by monitoring their activities and interaction with a specific web or mobile application.

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