How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Starting Online Business

So, you have decided to create a website and all set for starting an online business. Like everyone out there you have done a bit of your research online and all excited about starting. But there are a lot of questions that come to mind such as:

How To Create A Website?
What Is Internet Marketing?
What Are The Important Factors To Be Kept In Mind While Building My Website or Mobile Application?

There is plenty of information out there but becomes overwhelming as you start browsing through so many blog posts. Often even an experienced internet marketer tends to ignore certain aspects of marketing and hence at Pixel we have a checklist which we keep handy and ensure that all is good and well executed before we actually go ahead and create an online business. We decided to come up with a complete series of articles that would help our readers starting an online business and ensuring that they would not miss anything during the process.

This series would include complete information on how to get started and reach the endpoint successfully. We have tried to make sure that we make this exciting and provide complete information on how you can successfully take your business online or make a new startup idea as a successful online business. Hence, to ensure it is comprehensive enough we decided to cover the following in each of the articles of the series.

  1. Important aspects of your online business.
  2. A step by step instructions on how to ensure that you take care of everything.
  3. Explanation of each step along with examples and reference articles to help you do it correctly.
  4. Industry leading tools which are used by internet marketing companies and internet marketing professionals that can help you accomplish certain tasks very quickly and accurately.

The series covers the following aspects that should be attended to in order to successfully take your existing business online or start a new online business.

1. Branding


Business Dictionary defines branding as

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

We think it is really important to have a correct brand communication for your audience. Unlike physical stores or businesses, it is not possible to have a personalised conversation with your client and often your visitors end up spending only a few minutes on your website before making a decision whether they would be interested in what you are offering or not. An effective brand communication ensures that you make the best of the these few minutes.

2. Clear Vision About Project Requirements And Target Audience

This might really sound simple but is the most critical factor deciding the fate of your online business. Your should be really very clear about the problem that you are trying to solve and who actually the target audience or your customers are. Because the internet has a wide spectrum of users you don’t really want you to end up targeting people who do not need your product or the services.

We lay down a simple approach on how you can finalise your target audience and shortlist the requirements of your project without getting overwhelmed by so much information that is available on the internet.

3. Your Approach To Building Your Application

Many people tend to burn hands while developing the digital infrastructure, whether it is a web application or a mobile app, we give you insights on how to engage with your agency and how to successfully complete and deploy your application.

4. Choosing A Correct Technology To Develop Your Digital Infrastructure

Who cares which programming language my developer is using? Database ! What is that? If these are the statements you tend to use, think twice. The programming language that is used to develop your applications, the framework as well as a database, everything technical related to your application is as much a business decision as much it is a technical decision. You really need to coordinate closely with your team in order to decide what would be the most appropriate solution for your business. We help you understand the key factors that you should be considering before choosing a technology to develop your application.

5. Development Methodology And Engagement Model

Once you are clear with the technology that you would be using in order to develop your application the next step would be deciding upon an engagement model as well as a development methodology with your development team. Both the development methodology as well as the engagement model go hand in hand and would depend on the technology that you have chosen for the development of your application along with the

6. Deciding Upon The Application Environment

A hosting environment can be as simple as a shared server and as complicated as a cloud environment. It actually depends on your application and the traffic on your application. We help you understand some basic and important factors which would help you decide as to what kind of a hosting environment you should be choosing for your application.

7. Content And Gaming Dynamics

This is one of the most important aspects of presentation of your online business to your audience and usually the most ignored one as well. You need to create engaging, relevant and very specific content and gaming dynamics to engage your audience with your application.

8. Preparing Your Website For Search Engines

I know you were waiting for this one! Before you launch your website you need to do basic on-page optimisation for making it indexable by the search engines. We also share some advanced tricks which help you make your website semantic and give you an edge over your competition.

9. Pre-Launch Marketing Activities

Think the marketing of your product or your new idea starts only after the new application is ready? Misconception !! You need to start engaging with your audience the very first day itself. We share insights on how you can engage with your audience with actionable tasks so that before you actually launch your product you have enough of hype to make it successful.

10. Paid Advertising Campaigns

Your new online business would not be successful until and unless it does not reach the correct audience. Apart from organic search engine optimisation and offline promotion activities, it is vital for kickstarting your new business, to invest in paid advertising on various platforms including Google Adwords as well as Facebook ads and reach your prospects.

11. Integrating Traffic Analytics Tools

Once your new website has been created and deployed, it is really very important that you have a clear vision of the traffic visiting your website and their behaviour. Based on this you would be able to take some important business decisions. We share insights about various tools including free and premium ones which can help you analyse your traffic and improve your online business.

12. Pre-Launch Checklist

We have an extensive pre-launch checklist of some very critical aspects of your website that you should be personally testing to ensure that all is good. We also share  a digital copy of the checklist with you so that it comes handy before you launch your new online business.

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Are You Startup ?

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