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We Give A Strategic Steer To Your Brand By Reaching A Wider Audience, Providing Complete In-House Services, Tailored Marketing Techniques, Exquisite And Responsive Web Design And Making Things For Your Business Simple

We assure you about having a strong online presence and visibility as a business brand by implementing strategic and creative marketing techniques. Our expertise in crafting a web design would ensure an exquisite web design that is not only responsive but is also intuitive. Now as a business, your concern of having an online presence is our responsibility. So all you need to do is discharge that responsibility to Pixelites!

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

For any business, a website serves as the face of the company. The need to demonstrate your business model in a way that’s most easy to understand and your purpose to get maximum returns on your investment lay at the heart of our digital strategy. We at Pixel believe that a website that is merely a work of art and not logical enough in its functions to be able to pull out results for your business is certainly a dud deal.

A successful website is the outcome of a well thought out plan. Our team invests a great deal of time in studying the dynamics of your industry type, understanding your business and marketing objectives and requirements of your target audience that help us pan out a web design that helps you deliver excellent performance and ensure that the right outcomes are achieved.

Visual And Web Design

Aesthetics unquestionably form an important part of web designing. Nothing can be better than providing information to your target audience in a manner that’s visually pleasing as it not only increases the odds of your information being read by the maximum but also develops an interest in the services you are willing to offer them. Needless to say, functional efficiency of a website is of the utmost importance but that doesn’t mean that one needs to settle down for a website that is aesthetically not up to the mark.

Our team of designers, in consultation with the development team and taking into consideration your valuable insights, ensures that it comes out with a design that gives your website the best opportunity to succeed.

Visual And Web Design
Web Development

Web Development

The superior layout of a website and its functional efficacy are the reflection of the mastery of the underlying code that carries it all. The effort in terms of technical expertise, the ability to work on different platforms and the immense pool of knowledge that is required to create custom tools, is what it takes to bring forth a website that is easy to understand and navigate through. We have an expertise in working on open source Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla and Magento that help us to meet your needs.

The way we browse through the internet has changed manifold over a period of time. With a variety of devices available, each in a different size, and with the increased usage of the handheld devices, we believe it is imperative to design responsive websites that work well on all the devices.

Mobile Websites And Apps

As we see the industry dynamics changing across the globe, so is the common man’s approach towards the things that get directly impacted by it. No wonder as to why we see people shifting from conventional methods of browsing the internet and spreading information to more contemporary means and this is something you cannot afford to overlook. More and more people are seen accessing internet via mobile web applications and this is why we lay emphasis on creating a responsive web design so that your website is able to meet the screen size needs of your target audience.

Needless to say, having a mobile application for your business certainly helps you in becoming a compelling brand, owing to the ease and the comfort with which your target audience is able to avail the services. This not only gives your business an outstanding market opportunity but also helps you fetch brand loyalty.

Mobile Websites And Mobile Apps
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The inability to reach out to your target audience on the internet, as a result of giving in to the pressure of not knowing the right way of marketing your product in the digital world, is certainly doomed to make you lose out on a bigger share of business. Getting visibility in the organic search results when one searches on the web for the products or the services that you provide is what gets you increased business these days. We help you achieve that as we understand how the search engine works. One of the other most effective ways to market your products and services online is through pay-per-click. We devise proper plan for this paid search advertising taking into consideration your business objectives.

Remarketing is still another intelligent way to get increased visitors on your website by placing your advertisement in-front of the defined audience so as to generate higher returns on your investment.


Replicating a retail store online is a daunting task as the patrons always look for the convenience that is made available to them when they physically purchase the goods. Real world sales have been an established practice over the years. But the world is going digital. Selling in the virtual world commands additional amount of effort to earn the loyalty for one’s brand. We believe that an e- commerce website should be such that it helps you sell almost everything online.

Providing detailed product information, distinguished customer service options, a good shopping cart design, simple navigation, adequate payment options and the like are some of the things that make up a successful e – commerce website. We aim for turning the act of purchasing in the virtual world into an exceptional experience.